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         Liyang city real and office equipment sales co., LTDIs the earliest in jiangsu area management office integration solutions company as a whole,Business projects:Computer hardware and software、Computer accessories、Office equipment、Office supplies、Oa、Digital products、Electronic products、Communications equipment、Stereo equipment、Computer network equipment wholesale and retail and maintenance;Computer system integration and maintenance;Computer network engineering、Electronic monitoring equipment installation and maintenance;Computer network security technology services,The founder Mr Antidromic based on heart operation,Changshu real gen office equipment sales co., LTD(简称“Gen office”)Become famous in jiangsu areaOAEnterprise。  

          Real gen office long-term commitment to provide standardization office equipment for the enterprise、Office supplies、Monitor the security、Network engineering、Maintenance and package services。

         Gen office has a mature sales channels and perfect technical service network,And established a solid and maintenance service network,To provide clients with professional、Characterization of management consulting、Project implementation、System maintenance、Professional training、The optimization and upgrading of the entire service。At present,Real gen office in several cities in jiangsu50Professional technical engineers,Established a strong real gen office cooperation alliance, jiangsu and camp、Channels of distribution system and technical support service system,Formed a strongITMarketing service network。  

        Looking to the future,Gen office will continue to“There is the place of the office,There are real and office”As prime movers,The general partners hand in hand,To provide our customers efficient、Low cost of enterprise office and maintenance service solutions。

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