Foreign trade bridge

Get rid of domestic competition£¬Open the international market

Policy guidance

Interpretation of the foreign trade situation¡¢Country extroversion policy

The depth of the market

From point to surface£¬Further develop the international market segment


Casting the world brand£¬Made in China is famous in the world

Successful cases

The glory10Load£¬East Leon help tens of thousands of companies opened the gateway to the international market¡£
Give yourself a chance£¬East, give you to the top of the world stage
Hongdou group

Hongdou group

Romantic and comfortable£¬Easy experience
Supor electrical appliances

Supor electrical appliances

The leader said£¬Figure captions must be delicious£¡
Xu ping of jewelry

Xu ping of jewelry

A perfect encounter of beauty and fashion
Chery automobile co

Chery automobile co

China's high-end£¿Who said that£¿

East, science and technology We are committed to bring new opportunities for all kinds of enterprises£¡

News center

5Month11Nitto aung economic headlines£ºSino-us trade friction

The us has2000$tariffs on imports from China10%Rise to25%£¬We are sorry£¬Will have to take the necessary countermeasures£»...[For details]

5Month10Nitto aung economic headlines£ºTrump Dui Iran again

Trump ordered the sanctions against Iran£ºThe iron in Iran¡¢Steel¡¢Aluminum¡¢Sanctions such as copper industry£»...[For details]

Regression of foreign trade enterprises to export tax refund¡ªFalse self¡¢True agent

In the field of export tax rebates£¬There are exported¡¢The entrusted agent export¡¢Outside the heald agent refund three modes£¬In order to prevent high rates of defrauding export tax rebates illegal and criminal behavior£¬...[For details]

8In foreign trade data£ºFor the surplus hit a record monthly high

Statistics show£¬2018Years8Month£¬Dollar-denominated export2174.3Million dollars£¬Year-on-year growth9.8%;Imports1895.2Million dollars£¬Year-on-year growth20%;The trade surplus279.1Million dollars£¬Compared with the same period last year dropped substantially220.5Million dollars¡£...[For details]

Customer comments

Jane Blue
Devie LeeBeijing security companies£¬Foreign trade sales director
To do foreign trade£¬Insightful¡¢Good decisions¡¢Don't blindly follow£¬Such entrepreneurs£¬I recommend that you choose the east ong¡£

East, bring new opportunities for our company£¬Become a business¡°To go out¡±The strategy's right-hand man

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    With global level massive amounts of information

    Crack in the round the world10Years every year¡¢To sort out¡¢Article reading hundreds of millions of foreign trade business£¬By big data187Countries and regions7*24Hours of public opinion monitoring£¬The user to the final link£¬Only check the terminal market¡£

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    Intelligent algorithms identify customer authenticity

    Universal crack depth algorithm based on big data£¬According to the professional degree of inquiry content¡¢Source address¡¢Contact information¡¢Continue cycle, and so on and so forth intelligent identifying customer authenticity£¬Presents the depth of the customers demand for the user¡£

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    The use of light application level threshold

    Not for the installation of the long wait£¬Refused to multifarious intelligent operation£¬Check the customer information£¬Only in the content box¡°East ong¡±It can get¡£A number of humanized design£¬A key export customer information document£¬Through the mail system convenient communication¡£